This year starts the First session of the Specialization Course on International Privacy and New Technologies from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, that I have organized together with my former teacher in International Law, Lídia Santos.

Currently I live in Washington DC where I am learning how privacy regulations apply in the US, as it was not possible to study this in Spain. This is the reason why I started organizing this course, which is the one I wished to have studied in my city.

Privacy and data protection has become an international matter long ago due to the use of new technologies and the globalization of companies and services.


Organizations increasingly need professionals with an international profile as they seek to expand their marketing campaigns and sell their products and services to a broader public, collaborate with providers from other countries or unify human resources management from their different subsidiaries.

Therefore, in this course we will study not only privacy regulations in Spain but also in Europe, the US, Canada, Latin America and Asia from professionals of different nationalities in the field of the Law, Computer Science and Telecommunications , in order to understand how privacy is understood through different cultures and countries .

In addition, we will count on the experience from the Data Protection Authorities and multinational companies such as Google, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise whom will explain in a practical way how have they solved some of the main privacy challenges such as: regulation ofcloud services, right to be forgotten , the provision of services globally, Binding Corporate Rules (BCR y BSPR) and APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules.

This course is intended not only for law students, computer science and telecommunication students but also to professionals in the field of privacy and technology, so I invite you all to register.

Registration period is open and there are limited seats! You can find more information here and in the website.